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Since 2004 FieldTRAKS Solutions has been delivering customized farm and crop management solutions using Cloud and GIS technology to agri-businesses in Canada and the USA.   Our early experience showed us that it is impossible to design a one-size-fits-all solution for agri-businesses and growers.  As a result, we have developed coding processes to automate the rapid development of customized solutions that meet your business requirements and help get your project rolling fast.

We are now pleased to offer a new crop management application that is rich in content and when fully deployed will allow Growers and Agri-businesses to easily share selected data.   FarmHand™ is a mobile app designed for iOS and Android tablets and has comprehensive record keeping capabilities including a Scouting module that makes extensive use of drop-down lists to ensure data integrity and ease of use.  

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FarmHand Mobile App for Crop Record Keeping


FarmHand™ is the easiest and most comprehensive farm management solution for iOS and Android tablets.

Visit our product page and request your free download of our Beta version.

FieldTrace Crop Production Traceability


FieldTrace™ is a secure web-based Crop Management System that is an integral part of the Hensall District Co-operative's Quality Assurance System.

Crop Cost of Production Mobile App for Echelon Crop Protection Services

COP Planner

Echelon™ COP Planner is a crop planning tool constructed for Crop Protection Services (Canada) Inc.     Scenario plans are constructed to compare the cost of production and forecasted revenue for alternative crop plans and also provides benchmark comparisons.

Crop Residue App


CropPartner™ mobile app for estimating crop residue.